Whether you fall in love with the silent gaze of the majestic buffalo, or the rumbling rapids of the great Orange River, you will leave Egerton changed. Forever. Humbled by the vast open spaces and starry nights following the awe-inspiring sunsets.

When visiting Egerton you will gain full access to the 3000 hectare pristine game farm situated in the heart of the beautiful Karoo along the riverbanks of the Orange River.  The entire camp is powered by our own solar energy plant which supports our philosophy of sustainable farming. 


This unspoilt habitat provides a tranquil sanctuary to breathtaking wildlife in their natural environment which include varying landscapes and indigenous flora, from vast open Karoo plains to rocky hills with authentic San rock engravings and classic South African bushveld, stretching along the winding Orange River. The secluded location of Egerton ensures private and tranquil getaways, uninterrupted by everyday life.


Egerton provides a variety of activities to ensure that you enjoy a truly South African adventure. We pride ourselves in providing a customised experience that will exceed your expectations. Creating memories that you will cherish for many years to come.


Guests can enjoy birding, fly fishing, canoeing and trail running along the Orange River.  Afterwards they can unwind on the wooden deck, soaking up the South African sun followed by unforgettable sunsets over the Orange River, whilst enjoying the crackling of the campfire in the background.  We also offer controlled hunting packages during the hunting season.


           We invite you to explore this hidden gem and experience our true South African hospitality.





Egerton River Camp offers comfortable and homely River Cottages embracing vibrant natural colours and local design inspiration. The essence of Egerton River Camp lies in its special remote location of the open Karoo plains.


Egerton guests can truly experience nature by opening up the magnificent doors and windows, celebrating nature…bringing the outdoors, indoors. Relax, unwind and experience the tranquillity that nature has to offer. The cottages offer a secluded haven in which to unwind in sheer comfort with a smaller lounge area and outdoor patio. The River Cottages have a communal kitchen, dining and entertainment area with boma and wooden deck, making Egerton River Camp ideal for group bookings. You can choose between self-catering or catered services. Basic laundry service is also available.


The camp is equipped with 3 one bedroom cottages with ensuite bathrooms, and 3 two-bedroom cottages with self-catering kitchenettes and ensuite bathrooms. 

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The 3000 hectare game farm offers not only superb views of the Karoo and Orange River, but is also home to unique rock formations, wildlife and indigenous vegetation. Egerton River Camp is a place that can be visited all year round, each season providing its own unique experience.  The Egerton experience offers a wide variety of activities to entertain guests from every walk of life; activities that will excite both you and your whole family!

Our guided 4x4 Game Drives are probably our most popular activity, followed by hiking and canoeing. Egerton River Camp is also an ideal fly fishing location, and attract many fly fishing enthusiasts.  We offer guided fly fishing and rafting experiences hosted by industry experts.​

The history of the San forms another highlight when visiting Egerton. The rich and vibrant history of the San play a significant role at Egerton River Camp through the San rock carvings. Guests can explore the rock formations and discover tools used by this ancient tribe making their existence everlasting at Egerton.




Egerton strives to combine good genetics with affordable prices with the long term goal to promote sustainable game farming in South Africa.


Egerton Game is imperative in the existence of Egerton, we therefore take the utmost care to ensure responsible game farming, as their conservation is highly valued. We work closely with our local veterinarian team and keep a close eye on the health and well-being of our herds.


We pride ourselves in the breeding process implemented to ensure that we maintain the outstanding genetics of Egerton Game. Our breeding programmes are thoroughly planned and well managed in conjunction with the necessary industry experts, to ensure that Egerton Game Breeding is sustainable and affordable. 


Amongst the breathtaking views of boulders rising from the red Karoo sands, Egerton Game offers a unique natural habitat for the hunting of ‘plains’ game, from April to August. The variation in topography and vegetation will test your hunting skills to the fullest, and creates a feeling of achievement with the hunter, when successful.