The 3000 hectares game farm offers not only superb views of the Karoo and and 10kms of unspoilt Orange River frontage, but is also home to unique rock formations, animals and plant life.


Egerton River Camp, a place that can be visited year-round, offers a wide variety of activities to entertain almost every walk of life. Chances are that Egerton River Camp will offer an activity that will excite both you and your family!


Our guided 4 x 4 Game Drives are probably our most popular activity, followed by hiking and canoeing. Egerton River Camp is also an ideal fly fishing location, and attract many fly fishing enthusiasts.

Some of the unique opportunities you can experience at Egerton River Camp are activities associated with game viewing. Get up close and personal with the extraordinary Egerton game, and fulfil those lifelong dreams.

Apart from game based activities, the history of the San can also to be highlighted. The rich and vibrant history of the San play a significant role at Egerton River Camp through the San etching, making their existence everlasting at Egerton.

Be sure not to miss out, and take advantage of the many activities on offer at Egerton River Camp!


For the passionate birdwatcher, Egerton River Camp offers great birding spots along the remarkable Orange River. The Northern Cape is home to an enormous biodiversity and is well-known among international and local birders for the remarkable diversity of birds that are found here and nowhere else. The diversity in vegetation at Egerton, accommodates a great diversity of bird species, such as the Western Osprey, Royal Tern and Fish Eagle to name just a few. 

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Egerton River Camp is ideally located along the Orange River which makes it perfect for both canoeing and rafting. There are rumbling rapids for the more adventurous rafter and smooth, tranquil sections, ideal for a peaceful rowing experience for the unexperienced rower that can be enjoyed by the whole family.


Lunch or romantic sundowners can be enjoyed along the 10kms of river frontage to which you will have exclusive access when visiting Egerton River Camp.


We recommend our local tour operator, Gravity Adventures, for the more serious and thrilling white water river rafting that will ensure an unforgettable adrenaline rush.


Find more information on Gravity Adventures click here

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Egerton River Camp, being perfectly located along the Orange River, is a great fly fishing location and attract many fly fishing enthusiasts. Ben and his team from Ufudu Fly Fishing Safaris, use Egerton River Camp as part of their Orange River excursions. For enquiries regarding their fly fishing packages, please contact Ufudu Fly Fishing Safaris directly here.


Alternatively, if you have all your own gear and would like to just come fly fish the Orange River at your own leisure, we have over 10km of Orange River frontage that you can explore and discover for yourself. Experienced local guides and fly fishing experts can be arranged if required.

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The 3000 hectares of Egerton River Camp is home to some of Africa's most famous antelopes such as Buffalo, Roan, Sable, Golden Oryx, Golden Wildebeest, Bontebok, Nyala and Springbok. There are also natural predators such as Jackal, Caracal and many winged predators like the Fish Eagles. Not only will the Game Drive focus on the larger animals, but there are many smaller fauna and flora to take note of. Under rocks you will find a whole new world, home to scorpions, lizards and many other interesting creatures, and do not forget to pack your binoculars to ensure that you enjoy a bit of bird watching as well.


The Karoo landscape in itself is remarkable, just driving through the grassy Karoo plains, enjoying the fresh air, the natural beauty, exceptional sunrises or sunsets or on the night drive, watch as the magical African night sky unfolds.  

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Hiking and Trail Running at Egerton River Camp is special in every possible way. Let your heart pace, fill your lungs with the fresh Karoo air, running to the rhythm of the rumbling of the Orange River in the background, let the Karoo rocks grind under your feet, let the wind rush through your hair, and let adrenaline fill your bloodstream.  Let go of the everyday life, and come experience the natural peace and tranquility of Egerton River Camp. 

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The rich San history of Egerton River Camp is everlasting through the etching on boulders at different spots on the property. Follow in the footsteps of the San exploring the marks and tools they’ve left behind whilst walking through the unique fauna and flora of which little has changed, from when the San used to live in the area. Through information given by our local rock art aficionado, the trails will invoke respect and love for the San. Enjoy this treasure hunt of a different kind whilst soaking up the South African sun. 

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