Egerton strives to combine good genetics with affordable prices with the long term goal to contribute to sustainable game farming in South Africa.


The utmost care is taken with all our game because we value their contribution to conservation. Well trained veterinarians keep a close eye on Egerton Game to ensure their well-being.


We take pride in the fact that we strive to maintain extensive camp systems with an intensive management approach.


Amongst the breathtaking views of boulders raising from the red Karoo sands, Egerton Game offers a unique natural habitat for the hunting of ‘plains’ game, from April to August. 



Egerton is dedicated to the breeding of top quality animals, therefore contributing to conservation. We try to make well informed decisions in our breeding programmes with the help of our local veterinarians and other local game farmers.  We pride ourselves in our Game which play a vital role in the success and sustainability of Egerton River Camp, adding value to the uniqueness of the property.


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Egerton Game offers a unique natural habitat for the hunting of ‘plains’ game, from April to August. The variation in topography and vegetation will test your hunting skills to the fullest, and creates a feeling of achievement with the hunter, when successful. Egerton River Camp is perfect for seasoned hunters, first time hunters, family and individual hunters. Although hunting is the main activity at Egerton River Camp, this is a place to which hunters will want to bring their spouses and families because there is so much to do for them. Hunting becomes a shared experience, an ideal time for bonding and creating unforgettable memories.


Egerton River Camp is strict on our hunting philosophy, and only allows sustainable and ethical hunting by means of rifle or bow.

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We pride ourselves in our breeding programmes to maintain outstanding genetics. We focus on the sales of Buffalo, Roan, Sable, Golden Oryx, Golden Wildebeest, Bontebok, Nyala and Springbok.


As in all aspects of life, integrity counts when it comes to wildlife sales. Egerton is committed to honest and legal game sales, as the reputation of Egerton is on the line every time we do a transaction.


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